Backup drive constantly searches.

  wolfie3000 05:29 25 May 08

Every time i turn on my external hard drive it scans the whole drive before opening,

click here

It says autoplay in the box but is there a way to set it so it doesn't scan through my whole drive before opening the drive?

  EARLR 06:23 25 May 08

to turn off autoplay.
Available from M/S. free. Sorry I Dont remember the link.

Good luck

  skidzy 08:24 25 May 08
  wolfie3000 09:14 25 May 08

Thanks to you both, problem solved.

I used Skidzys suggestion as although i have tweakui installed i couldnt be bothered to load it up.

Anyway it worked a treat so now all i have to do is click the link i have on my dock to load my external drive.

click here

  skidzy 09:21 25 May 08

Glad your sorted Wolfie,all the best.

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