BackUp To Discs

I have Acronis True Image Home 2010 and I want to do an image backup to DVD discs should anything happen. I cant for the life of me find this option only to create an image to an external hard drive, what can I do or what free program is there to do this please?

  birdface 12:35 06 Mar 12

Not sure if you can do it with this or not as I have never used it before nor Acronis.But it is free for the next 11 hours.Have a read see if it helps or not.

  northumbria61 12:44 06 Mar 12

Like buteman I have never used Acronis but details here of how to do it enter link description here

  robin_x 12:55 06 Mar 12

Eeaseus Todo Backup Free or Macrium Reflect Free are my preferred apps.

Backing up to DVD best done after a clean install and setting up minimal Windows options and apps. (otherwise you will fill too many DVDs)

Thanks for your replies. The backup is too big to do to DVDs so what happens if I cant boot into windows or anything to run Acronis as you cant select an external drive to boot from with the image on it (which happened to me yesterday so had to do a full format and reload windows)

  robin_x 13:19 06 Mar 12

You boot from a previously made CD.

  james105051 13:25 06 Mar 12

In ATI you can select the option "Create bootable media" to make a dvd to boot from in the event of a Windows failure. Once booted from this you can select the drive where the backup is and restore the drive.

Thanks all, robinofloxley created a CD.

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