Backup. The best way forward.

  compy 15 May 11

Win 7 Pro. 1 TB HDD, BR DVD, CD RW. I am starting with a clean sheet. I have my OS, Usual programmes, data, Photos etc,all loaded on my new computer. I have a 1 TB external usb HDD for back up. And I now have to decide the best way forward for back ups. 1. Do I use win 7 back up or a third party programme? 2. Should I copy the whole disk or just the data? 3. In the event of a HDD failure, and I install a new HDD, Which is the best way of restoring my backed up info? I need to take this into account when choosing the back up software.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

  rawprawn 15 May 11

Use Acronis

And backup your complete drive, if you install a new HDD Acronis will take care of that.

  rawprawn 15 May 11

You can probably find it cheaper if you shop around

Compy: whatever you end up doing, for your data - email, pictures, music etc. - I'd strongly recommend having more than one backup - even if it's monthly rather than weekly, or weekly rather than daily.

  Terry Brown 15 May 11

For backup I prefer Erasus (free), however your choice.

For a stsrt, I assume you have the default settings on your machine.

First create a folder on your external drive called (my documents 2), then goto your Desktop, Right the My Documents folder and select Properties.

In the location box enter the drive letter and folder for the new folder. e.g. d:\my documents 2, then select the MOVE button.

This will move all the contents of the My Documents folder to the new drive, while retaining the link on the desktop.

All future programms saved to my documents will automaticly goto the new location.

The reason is simple: If you main drive crashed out, all your working programs will be safe. Terry

  Nontek 15 May 11

For what it is worth, I don't think one can beat Acronis!

  Zeppelyn 15 May 11

You have Windows 7 Pro which is all you need, why pay out when Windows will do the job for you. Must say its much better than their previous efforts.


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