Backing up Windows Media Player library

  capnsofa 17:29 14 Apr 06

I have installed a large nuber of tracks in my Media Player library.
Is there any way that I can back up these to CD, as I can with 'Favourites' and 'Address Book'?
My O/S is Windows XP

  ade.h 17:37 14 Apr 06

Not as far as I know, but it's so quick and easy to repopulate the library from the monitored folders, that it doesn't matter, unless these are not locally stored tracks. Is it actually album data that you are worried about losing?

  capnsofa 17:38 14 Apr 06

Actually, I think I might have solved half of the problem, as I see that the tracks are stored in 'My Music, under the names of the artists and can be copied to an audio CD (Guess this is why this Forum is for Beginners!!!!!)
However, if Media Player had to be reinstalled, would I be able to download this CD like any other CD and would the Playlists be the same?

  ade.h 18:12 14 Apr 06

The data in the Media Library is just that; data. Not tracks. I have just double-checked the hidden files in My Music and there is no Library data stored there at all. And what do you mean by "download this CD"?

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