Backing up windows onto cd

  Dan the Confused 01:47 23 Apr 04

I've recently bought a cd-rw drive and the first thing I want to do is backup windows (take a snapshot as it is now). What is the best software to do this? The cheaper the better...

I have Win98

  Djohn 02:52 23 Apr 04

I use Drive Image 7 [DI7] it is one of the best but is not cheap. There are cheaper ones, even free and other forum members will recommend what they use.

I will link you to a page that "Powerless" one of our own forum members has taken a lot of time to do. It goes into great detail both with graphics and text, its an excellent peice of work and would most certainly be allowed in this forum if the forum had the ability to import graphics.

Very easy to follow and well worth reading as many people do ask this question and Powerless has made it very easy to follow. please read it through fully and you will be able to backup your entire system or just parts of it to any media in no time at all. j.

click here

I use Norton Ghost, the main reason being that I have used it since its inception and am familiar with it. I have my virgin computer settings on 3 CD's which enables me to do a complete reformat and return to these settings in about 20 minutes.The only drawback is that any updates to your utilities will not be included.

  curlylad 07:15 23 Apr 04


  Dan the Confused 20:30 23 Apr 04

I'd be lost without this forum ;)

  lucky1 21:01 23 Apr 04

I'll second that!

  swapper 21:23 23 Apr 04

Thanks for the site :-)

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