Backing Tracks for live show via laptop?

  hawthorn59 03 Nov 11

Hi Folks

A music related question here....apologies if Im playing it in the wrong place...

I play keyboard (music!) for a local variety group. For next years show we are thinking of also using backing tracks along with the keyboard and a drummer. I have a few questions!:-

1 If Im using my laptop to play them, what settings do I need to adjust so that it wont go to sleep e.g., or the screen wont darken on me, in between songs (ie when not being used for a few minutes)

2 What is the best player to use for this purpose? Media Player?? I obviously would create a playlist for the show. But I need the font to be large so I can see it easily. Also need the track to stop when finished, not carry on to the next one. So is i one of the standard players like WMP or should I be using DJ software (free hopefully!).

3 Could this be done easier from say, an iPhone? I have a friend whos in a pretty big professional 3pc band, and he got an iPad which he swears by. Has a cheap DJ app, and all the tracks on it. Simply calls up one when coming to the end of the previous one.

4 Is a laptop totally reliable? In a live situation if anything happened show is in trouble! I did notice another group last year simply using a mini-disc player.

Finally if this isnt the best place for this post, do any of you know of a good music related forum that might help me?

many thanks


  eedcam 03 Nov 11

Presume you have googled your query if not there is quite a bit there about it .This one about halfway down covers the laptop requirements Faq for live show laptop use

  Woolwell 03 Nov 11

Not an answer to the hardware questions but beware of the license requirements for playing recorded music.

  hawthorn59 03 Nov 11

Thanks. These would of course be professionally produced backing tracks, so presumably licensed by the vendor.


  Woolwell 03 Nov 11

Does your variety group have a PRS licence? PRS and see also Backing tracks

  hawthorn59 06 Nov 11

In Ireland the venue pays IMRO for all music performed. Im not too concerned about that as the IMRO fee covers any due royalties.


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