Backing-up on mobile hard-drive

  BELSOX 20:26 17 May 07

For fear of loosing important files I decided to buy a separate HD. I've coppied everything I treasure but in the same crappy way that I've saved them on the 'C' drive. Can I reformat to clear the mobile and start again saving the stuff in a more logical way then copying them back to the 'c' drive?
Or is there an easier way. Would appreciate any help that takes into account I'm old and getting a bit daft!
Regards BELSOX

  skidzy 20:32 17 May 07

Belsox are you saying you have a usb external harddrive that everything is being saved to ?

If so,plug the drive in and goto MY COMPUTER and right click the drive (make sure you have the correct drive) and select format.

If in any doubt about what drive is the external drive.

Goto my computer and then plug in the drive,the new drive will be recognised and now select this.

Then startup your backup again.

  Totally-braindead 20:34 17 May 07

As long as you still have all the original files on your C drive yes you can no problem at all.

Personally what I prefer, and you might not like this idea, I create files on my external hard drive with sub folders and them drag and drop them into the relevant areas.
Such as I create a file Pictures and create sub folders General, Family Pics, Events etc and another folder Videos then sub folders again Family videos, Events etc.

You could just do this by rearranging the files on your external hard drive as well. You don't actually have to delete them. You could just create the file names and then move the files into the new folders.

Its up to you really, whatever you find easiest.

If you do wipe the external drive do please ensure your original files are still there first.

  Graham. 20:42 17 May 07

As you have an external drive, once you have tidied things up, consider using Norton Ghost or Acronis to back up the whole of the C drive, if there is free space.

  BELSOX 20:50 17 May 07


I knew I'd get a good response from you all BUT ALL THIS IN LESS THAN TEN MINUTES!!! Phew.

I'll start tomorrow!
All the best and many thanks

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