Backing up to a bootable DVD-R/RW

  Survey Surfer 13:44 27 Jan 05

Do you use or know of any apps that can backup a o.s. partition drive to a bootable DVD-R or DVD-RW?

Any help greatly appreciated,


  Modo 13:54 27 Jan 05

I think you'll find that Nero says it does.

But with these things you don't get to test whether it really works until you need it - and if it doesn't work it's then too late.

  TomJerry 13:55 27 Jan 05

Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost etc etc

  Survey Surfer 14:03 27 Jan 05

I tried to do this about 18 months ago but gave and used CD-Rs as nothing else seemed to work, was just wondering if things had improved since then.


  TomJerry 15:24 27 Jan 05

how did you do it?

try Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost

  pj123 15:34 27 Jan 05

My version of Nero has a module called "Backitup" which I have just used (6 DVDs). Hopefully, if I need to restore it they will work. Although, as Modo points out, if it doesn't work What now!

Previously, I used CDs to backup all my files and docs, pics etc. but not the O/S. I have a separate Hard Drive for that and I use xcopy (Win98SE) so I still have some insurance.

All my backups are done on a weekly and monthly basis.

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