backing up?

  tricia-2753 12:53 28 Apr 10

Hi my PC asks for a back up every month but It takes about 3 hours and takes three discs which it asks to format everytime they are used, I have lots of space left on the hard drive and have cleared out a lot of junk so why is it taking so long and taking so many discs to do this task, any one help on this I run windows 7 with a 3gb hard drive? thanks Tricia

  rawprawn 13:50 28 Apr 10

Hi, I think you must be wrong maybe 300Gig?
Anyway backing up to DVD disks always takes longer it depends on the writing speed and other factors.
I would suggest buying an External hard drive and using that for backups. use Acronis backing up about 23gig and it takes about 15 minutes to my external Hard Drive.

  rawprawn 13:54 28 Apr 10

Acronis click here

External hard Drives click here

  tricia-2753 14:44 28 Apr 10

yes I just looked on properties and saw that it is 4gb mem and thanks , why did it take only a few minutes on my last pc I wonder that was a 250 mem I will look into an external hard drive

  rawprawn 14:46 28 Apr 10

What exactly are you backing up? Your system or just Data files?

  tricia-2753 14:59 28 Apr 10

the whole thing as requested by the Pc why does it make a difference?

  ame 15:00 28 Apr 10

Suggest you just back up data files and do incremental backups - not full backups each time.

  tricia-2753 15:24 28 Apr 10

how do you specify what you want to back up, the program just does it??

  Technotiger 15:32 28 Apr 10

Hi, as per rawprawn's suggestion - Acronis and backup to an external hard drive.

Although you have plenty of room on your hard drive, if you saved the backup on that, what would happen in the event of a drive failure?

Afraid I disagree with ame though - you should make Full backups on a regular basis. I have absolutely loads of stuff on my hard drive, but don't make many frequent changes, so I only backup fortnightly. I have never had a problem with that.

Don't forget to Validate the backups once made, easily done with Acronis.

My backups, including Validation, take approximately one hour.

  ame 15:32 28 Apr 10

Go to Start>Control panel>System and Security>Backup and Restore and click on Set up Backup

  Technotiger 15:36 28 Apr 10

BTW, using Acronis is very easy. Just choose Full backup, and then follow all the Default options, you don't need to make any changes to the programs settings - also during your first setup to run the backup, you may be offered the option to create a Password for the backup, I would advise Against creating a Password, just another thing that could go wrong/forget! I never set a password.

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