background music on a webpage

  ole1999 20:44 22 Mar 05

Is it possible at all to save in any way the music you sometimes hear on some web sites which is just continuosly playing in the background!

Thanks anyone

  Jeffers22 20:48 22 Mar 05

You will often find that the midi file is in your temp internet files folder, I think you can save it from there. I know I saved one a few years back, but can't remember how.

  Daz35 21:03 22 Mar 05

Click on tools, internet options and then settings, view files and then when (and if) you find the file, just copy and paste it to a new folder etc.

  ole1999 21:12 22 Mar 05

thanks guys, but i am having as job finding it at the moment.

  Daz35 22:00 22 Mar 05

Click on the file type column and look for anything associated with music, or whatever application plays your music and sounds.

That should make it slightly easier!

  ole1999 06:23 23 Mar 05

Daz35 Thanks for the info, still no luck as of yet.

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