Back up windows xp sp2 cd advice please.

  helpmeplease. 07:29 12 Oct 07

Hi one not very gifted pc user needs some advice please.
Running zoostorm pc etc windows xp sp2.
Yesterday scanned with A-Squared Free and it came up with 6 high risk Trojan files.
So i deleted them.(i no i should not have) when i deleted them it said they were windows files and need replacing please insert back up disc.(It also said that if i tried to guarantee them)
I do not have a back up disc so I rang zoostorm helpline and they said they don't give back up discs with any of there pcs.
They say they explain over the phone how to replace the files. Is that possible?
It doesn't seemed to have effected my pc by deleting them.
So zoostorm left it at that and said ring back if pc starts playing up.
But i would like to no what to do if problems like that happen again.
Sorry for the long post.

  johnnyrocker 07:48 12 Oct 07

system restore to before deletion should solve the prob


  helpmeplease. 09:43 12 Oct 07

Thnks for reply.
Have just ran A-Squared Free again this morning and this was on it.
Name: Trojan.Win32.Agent.bux

A trojan, also known as a trojan horse, is simply a program that pretends to be something else.

Why are trojans or trojan horses so dangerous? The basic idea is that you download a program, for example one that you think is some sort a game demo. When you run the demo, to your surprise, nothing happens. Or so you thought.

What may have happened is that you've just unwittingly run some form of program that has planted itself on your hard drive. Perhaps it's going to be a very basic application, and simply delete some files on your system. Perhaps it's an even more sinister tool that will actually give other people full access to your hard drive and system. Sounds ridiculous? It happens literally every single day, to computer users all around the world.

  birdface 11:29 12 Oct 07

I have had this computer for about 5 years ,And you have had more Trojans on your computer in 1 day than I have had in the 5 years on here.What security programs do you have.

  birdface 11:44 12 Oct 07

Your latest Trojan may be a false positive,Have you ran any Panda scans here

  helpmeplease. 11:45 12 Oct 07

The last 2 days make 7 trojans never had any before or viruses.
Haven't downloaded any programmes either.

security programs i have are
comodo free firewall FREE
spyware blaster FREE
spyware terminator FREE
superantispyware FREE
ccleaner FREE
adaware 2007 FREE
panda antivirus 2008

  helpmeplease. 11:47 12 Oct 07

Fri, [email protected]:44

Your latest Trojan may be a false positive,Have you ran any Panda scans recently.

yes i have buteman,
should i just ignore trojans?

  birdface 11:58 12 Oct 07

Looks like you are well protected .It may just be just false positives from Panda and A squared.Make sure that you have both up-dated when you run them again.Like I said you are well protected one other you might think of using is WinPatrol.Great little program that protects your computer and only puts a little icon on your quick here if you decide to download it you want the free version.

  helpmeplease. 12:03 12 Oct 07

Many thanks for your help buteman.
I will tick resolved.

  birdface 12:03 12 Oct 07

Hard to say,Did you read the first click here that I sent you.It did sort of think that it was a false positive,But might be better getting to get advice from someone else or even Panda.This is when I Googled here

  birdface 12:25 12 Oct 07

click here so many conflicting views its hard to decide what you must here maybe better getting further advice from someone else before you decide what to do.

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