Back up three computers on external drive

  Billp64 12:22 21 Jul 10

I have just bought a WD 1.5tb usb external drive and would like to back up three computers one win7 two XP. The supplier said it was possible so I have backed up win 7 machine ok.There was no software with drive so how will I be able to back up other machines on same drive and know the difference. Sorry if this is daft question but friend had major problem which promted me into buying back up drive.
Thanks for any suggestions.

  MAT ALAN 12:29 21 Jul 10

click here=

click here

click here

might keep ya busy for a while...

  compumac 13:41 21 Jul 10

On External drive create three named folders and ensure that the relevant backup goes into the appropriate folder. I have several PC's and they are all backed up onto two external drives. I have partitioned the external drive and named each partition with the namd of the backed up PC. Works perfectly OK.

  MAT ALAN 13:52 21 Jul 10

compumacs method is discussed in one of the links, i am sure that would be the way to go...

  Billp64 16:23 21 Jul 10

Thank you for your help and suggestions, I will try and sort it now.

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