back with router problem

  edenworkshops 10:30 25 Oct 08


I thought this problem had been resolved but it seems not.

I have an alice box router and I am trying to find out the make.

On the label are the words Sagem & Telecom, but the serial number I have does not match any of the routers made by Sagem and Telecom does not appear to be a maker of routers.

Does anyone know how I can find out the make of this router?

Thank you


  skidzy 13:41 25 Oct 08

Possibly a Siemens C20-010-I router,just rebadged.

Have you got the serial number ? and any other relevance that maybe printed on the box.

If you post your problem,maybe we can help.

  edenworkshops 14:16 25 Oct 08


On the bottom of the router is a label which has two possible makers, Sagem and Telecom.

The serial number is;

52A1 2CC1 5544 AFCD 1D43 6F4C 53

Thank you


  skidzy 14:39 25 Oct 08

Are you sure thats not a preset 128 bit HEX WEP code this will have 26 characters as per your post.

  ambra4 19:31 25 Oct 08

Sagem Telecommunications

A French high technology company, Sagem Communications specializes in Broadband

Communications, residential terminals, and telecom systems.

See if you can locate the model # from the pictures on their web site

click here

  edenworkshops 09:32 26 Oct 08

Thank you for your reply.

Yes skidzy you were right the number was in fact the preset 128 bit HEX WEP code you mentioned.

On looking at the label again I see the following identifying marks.

P/N 252646851

S/N LKO8005DP160313

I hope this makes identifying my router possible, thank you again.


  skidzy 09:56 26 Oct 08

I can only really find French info on this router,Ambra posted a link-does your router look like any of those ?

Though it looks like it could be a Sagem [email protected],can you post what problems you are having ?

  edenworkshops 12:45 26 Oct 08

Yes skidzy it does say on the label Sagem [email protected]

I want to set up port forwarding, I have tried to do this manualy but I get lost it is so far above my head.

So I got a piece of software that does it for you, all you have to do is identify the router from a long list.

When I check the software I see Sagem is listed but the only model numbers listed bear no resemblance to the ones on the label of the router.

Thank you


  skidzy 16:08 26 Oct 08

Here is a link that may help with your port forwarding click here

You may have to go through a few of the Sagem's till you find the correct router configuration pages.

What are you trying to port forward ...PS3 by any chance ?

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