Back up problems

  Dazza40 20:34 23 Jun 05

Since I installed a Lexmark P3150 printer with card readers I seem to be unable to run the back up program. When I select the CRRW drive I get a message "Drive F:\is empty when there is a new CDRW in the drive. It appears to me that the card readers overwrite the CDRW drive?

PC is running oin XP. Any ideas?

  mattyc_92 20:40 23 Jun 05

What backup program are we talking about?

  Dazza40 08:57 24 Jun 05

The standard XP back up utility

  mattyc_92 12:08 24 Jun 05

Try right-clicking onto the drive and select "properties".... Click onto the "Recording" tab and then make sure that the "Enable recording on this drive" tick-box is ticked and click OK

  GroupFC 12:43 24 Jun 05

I may be wrong but I thought that the standard XP back up utility doesn't support direct backing up to CD, so it may not be anything to do with the printer or have I misunderstood the problem? Have you previously been able to do this?

I understood that to use the XP back up facility you had to back up to your HD and then burn the resulting .bkf file to CD.

  mattyc_92 12:56 24 Jun 05

I forgot about that... I don't think that Windows Backup can backup onto removeable media... well, execpt floppy disks

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