Back up Hard Drive ???

  Dirty Dick 16:30 17 Feb 05

I've got to send my Hewlett Packard Laptop back to them for some warranty work. They said I should back up all my info. Can anyone tell me how to do that?


  stlucia 16:38 17 Feb 05

Depends on what hardware you've got, what's wrong with it, and how much data you've got.

Is there a working CD burner in the laptop? Or do you have a USB pen storage device? You can copy data to either of those using Windows File Manager.

  Dirty Dick 16:43 17 Feb 05

Running XP home, with CD Burner, and USB connecters. The problem with the laptop is the Power Connection at the rear is loose on the motherboardbut if I jiggle the connection I still get power to run & cahrge. HP say it will probably need a new motherboard, but they can't guarantee not losing any data. Where will I find Windows File manager.

  FelixTCat 17:01 17 Feb 05

You could also remove the laptop hard drive and plug it into your desktop with an adapter.

Look here: click here or here: click here or here: click here

Copy the files you need. You can then continue to work on them. When the laptop comes back, you can just reverse the process.

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