Fletch72 11:38 13 Nov 06

I am trying to back up my files to a cd but when I try and do it I keep getting the following error; The back up file name could not be used. "D:\BACKUP.bkf". Please ensure it is a valid path and that you have sufficient access.
Can anyone please help? I have already lost data due to a computer failure and don't want it to happen again, so would like to back up my data.

  ^wave^ 11:39 13 Nov 06

what program are using to do the backup

  UncleP 13:04 13 Nov 06

I believe that some words, related to fundamental computer operations, may not be used as filenames. 'Backup' may well be one such - try repeating the process with a different stored file name - Fletch01, for example.

  brundle 13:17 13 Nov 06

Sounds like NTBackup for 2k/XP - I'd be very surprised if it was a filename issue as that is the default name Backup chooses itself. You could rename it anyway, in case a Backup.bkf file already exists.
If you are trying to `save` directly to CD (your D: drive) it won't work - you need to save the file to your hard-drive, then burn it to CD afterwards.

  Fletch72 15:22 16 Nov 06

Thanks very much everyone. I now have the problem sorted!

  Probabilitydrive 15:25 16 Nov 06

Fletsch72, Could you post, how you resolved this issue. In that way others may benefit from this solution.

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