Back-up Bios Settings

  Declanworld 20:56 13 Dec 11

I've been looking around to see if it's possible to back-up my bios settings but I'm very reluctant to download and install unknown facilities.

If anyone could vouch for a safe option, I'd be eternally grateful.

  Bris 17:15 14 Dec 11

Do you mean you want to backup your CMOS settings?

Backing up a BIOS is not the sort of thing most want to do and is usually only possible if your motherboard manufacturer offers it as part of its BIOS flash utility (flashing a BIOS is not recommended unless absolutely necessary).

If you are referring to backing up your CMOS values then the good old pen and paper seems to be the preferred option although there are a number of routines that purport to do it. Suggest you search the web for "CMOS backup". Cant help with any of these routines as I havnt used them, sorry.

  KRONOS the First 17:34 14 Dec 11

It will depend entirely on your motherboard, maker, age etc, without these details it is difficult to give a definitive answer. As for flashing the BIoS it is no more difficult than updating drivers for a graphics card, but that also depends on your motherboard age etc also.

  Declanworld 19:43 14 Dec 11

Thanks Bris and Chronus. I think I'll use my camera to snap those settings.

  birdface 08:15 15 Dec 11

Camera or mobile phone.


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