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  highside 25 Apr 12

Morning, could someone tell me please, what is the easiest way to -

I have photographs stored on an external USB HD (mains powered) and I want to back them up automatically to USB external drives?

Win 7 64bit 8GB RAM

  robin_x 25 Apr 12

Have a look at Easeus Todo Backup. It allows scheduling.

Consider signups for on-line Cloud Storage and Sync such as Dropbox/new MS Skydrive/new Google Drive.

Backing up to CD/DVD or USB Flash drives is not considered reliable for long term storage.

Other HDDs and on-line are the best ways.

  highside 25 Apr 12

Sorry forgot to say that all drives are HD external USB connected, not flash or DVD etc. Thanks for replying

  sharpamat 25 Apr 12

I have never found any problems useing Win 7s own backups to external drives

  northumbria61 25 Apr 12

I endorse the comments made by sharpamat

  Housten 26 Apr 12

I am using EaseUS, because my Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium 'Backup and Restore' in 'Control Panel' will not work. I have tried repair several times, but that does nothing. It is most odd because everything else in 'Control Panel' opens up quickly, but not backup. Really weird, but I wonder how many others have found this as well, and so, as I, have to use another programme.

  northumbria61 26 Apr 12

There is a link here which suggests that if you have ever used Acronis True Image for Backups and it has not been fully uninstalled it may well have interfered with Windows Backup & Restore function.

enter link description here

  northumbria61 26 Apr 12

A fix here - I am assuming you may have used Acronis at some time - enter link description here

  Housten 28 Apr 12


Many thanks - for BOTH posts!! I have copied them and will try the first and then the second, if it doesn't work!!

Many, many thanks once more!


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