Back up

  swanny3 17:50 02 Oct 04

As i say im a novice comes too pc,s but when it says make a Back up when i went too a download was,, cleanup,, what do i do ....sorry for the ignorance but a old fart here lol... u young ens plz help :O)¬~~~~

  rawprawn 19:03 02 Oct 04

Do you think you could be a little more explicit,usually when you want to backup something you would copy the files to a CD, or if you mean a backup of your whole system then you need a program such as Acronis True Image. Perhaps if you gave us your OS and what you are trying to backup someone could help.

  wee eddie 21:55 02 Oct 04

Windows ME, Compaq Presario, 64mb ram, AMD duron 750mhz, 30gb hard drive, dvd, cd rom cd-rw, 56k modem, nvidia vantalt 2x agp 8mb graphics card.

swanny3 aka Swanny2 - same writing style.

When you download new software, many suppliers recommend that you Back-up (Make a copy of) your present system and its files.

This is because, on occasion, the installation of new software can cause major problems and you may need to return to the previous set-up.

This not usually the fault of the new software but due to a conflict with one of the many thousands of possible permutations that you may have already installed on your PC.

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