back up

  watty123 10:49 01 Sep 03

Hi, amother basic question from a novice. Feel sorry to ask but here goes.

I want to do some things on my PC and i'm advised to back up my system.
How can i do that?

I'm sure it's dead easy and have tried but no success. I hope someone will be able to help?

  GroupFC 11:21 01 Sep 03

If you enter back up and system in the search facility at the top of the page and search all discussion and titles and postings you will get quite a few hits. Have a trawl through those and see if they help.

In the meantime at least this will bump back up the list in the hope that somebody more knowledgeable comes along!

  watty123 14:40 03 Sep 03

Hi thanks for the help, got Power Quest Disc Image, that has sorted my confustion over backing up files. It seems good to.

  watty123 14:42 03 Sep 03

Hi, thanks for the help and suggestions. I have Power Quest Disc Image and that has got me going ok.
It seems ok too.

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