Awful sound on this Web page!!

  clock 09:27 28 Sep 07

Logged on this morning to see what's new in the Forums and nearly jumped out of my skin when there was this "crashing" sound, not just once but intermittently whilst on the page! O.K. maybe I had my sound set a little high, but if the noise is part of some advert it's very distracting. Is it you??


  Technotiger 09:33 28 Sep 07

No noises here ... check you don't have a problem elsewhere.

  clock 09:40 28 Sep 07

Morning Techonotiger! Thanks for the rapid response! Pleased to say the noise was only during the first few minutes and has gone now. Seemed to co-ordinate with an advert down the side of the web page, when a crane carrying a "can" made contact with a building and another "can"!!!!

Don't think I have a problem with my sound system, so what other problem might I have please??


  Technotiger 09:44 28 Sep 07

Hmm, no problem apparently - I don't have that particular Ad on my PCA site?? On the right-hand side of my PCA site is an Ad for PCAs' Broadband Advisor. Nothing about a crane/cans?

  clock 09:48 28 Sep 07

Must have been that advert then! I only have the PCA Broadband site on the right now!

Why would PCA allow sound with an advert I wonder??

Will close this thread now,

Thanks again,


  J B 09:50 28 Sep 07

I thought I was the only one to get that sound! It seems to be just on this site and no other. It is annoying imust say. J.B.

  Spiny 11:01 28 Sep 07

Just logged on and ditto, nearly jumped out of the chair - it looks to be part of the ad with the crane that appears on the right of the page. Amazed no one at Advisor can hear it.

  woodchip 11:09 28 Sep 07

No Noise hear I don't have my sound on

  muscic lover 11:25 28 Sep 07

No noise on mine - and yes my sound was switched on and powered up!

  Spark6 16:00 28 Sep 07

You are not alone. For the last few days I have had a noise, similar to a metal drawer closing with a crash, but only when opening a thread. It is not happening today though!

  mobileman1953 16:04 28 Sep 07

mines doing it now rather annoying when you dont know where sound is coming from

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