Away all day yesterday so..

  Stuartli 13:36 23 Mar 04

..don't know if a large AVG update was posted....

  Djohn 13:49 23 Mar 04

Yep! I think it was Stuartli. I had done mine before logging into the forum but feel certain it was posted. j.

  Stuartli 13:59 23 Mar 04

Thanks. I couldn't check because of the maximum of two pages at present..

  Sir Radfordin 14:21 23 Mar 04

away for a whole day...shocking how did you cope?

  Stuartli 09:17 24 Mar 04

I'm still trying to work that out myself....

Actually my son and I did a 300-mile plus round trip to buy the (latest) car of his dreams - although from a very well-known make, this particular variation is surprisingly rare and he discovered one via the net after several weeks' of checking out availability of nearly new examples.

  Tj_El 09:25 24 Mar 04

ahhh! what a lovely father... ;-)

I'll bet he was pleased as punch (as they say).

  Stuartli 09:32 24 Mar 04

He was...:-)

But, just in case you've got the wrong impression, he paid for it himself...:-))

  Tj_El 15:16 24 Mar 04

Well who's to say either is the wrong impression?
:-)) lol! If he bought it or you bought it, for me the very fact that you went with him means a lot. :-)

As a son myself, everytime I did things with my 'old man' (sadly, now departed the shore of life) I thoroughly enjoyed the partnership involved.

  Stuartli 18:01 24 Mar 04

Yes, it's one way of being able to have meaningful conversations without the distraction of the female members of the clan..:-)

We often have time to ourselves and have done so for many years.

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