Award BIOS Setup help using a MS-6315 M/board

  Giggle n' Bits 12:29 11 Feb 03

Micro Star MS-6315 M/Board with a signle 64MB DIMM memory PC133 fitted, a square shape Intel celeron 766MHz CPU. Award Modular BIOS V6.
W6315MS V1.2 113000


My Problems:
1. often on boot it does a Memory test and then hangs. If I restart the PC it does it again, sometime it can go on continously. Only by hitting the escape key it will boot inot winMe.

2. The boot up screen which I think is called the Pre-post boot screen shows the memory test 64512K OK + 1024K Shared Memory. Main processor Celeron 766MHz (66x11.5)

If it has PC133 memory fitted why does it show as 100MHz Memory Clock and not show PC133 memory clock is it right or wrong?

Also the Cas Latency time says "3"

Other things in the BIOS settings which I do not know are right or wrong:-

CPU Intenral Cache = Enabled
Exteranl Cache = Enalbed
CPU L2 Cache = Disabled
CPU number feature = Disabled
Quick power on self test = Enabled

SDRAM Cas Latency = Auto
SDRAM Cycle time Tras/Trc 7/9
Ras Cas Delay = 3
Ras Pre Charge = 3
System BIOS Cache = disable

I could go on, but restriction on words per post limits me.

In WinME system info it reports a Pentuim III but its a celeron fitted and also shows on boot up.

Any tech guys & gals out there who understand the BIOS and can help would be much apprecited.

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 12:42 11 Feb 03

As for the PC133 memory running at all depends on you CPU. If your Athlon/duron can run at a maximum of 200MHZ, it will either run at 200 or 100MHz depending on whether you have DDR ram or not. some Athlons have a maximum fsb of 266MHz, thus it can run at either 266 or 133MHz. In your sounds like you have a athlon with a maximum fsb of 200 and only SDRAM...thus will only run at 100MHz

If you have been messing with your mobo recently to make it stop working...then you have changed a switch that is stopping it from working. I did it one time and had to get a pro to sort it out for me.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:35 11 Feb 03


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