Award bios beep code query

  ray27 18:30 14 Jul 03

I have had some problems with Award bios beep codes on boot up.
I have posted this before but things changed
Sometimes I get just the one tone and on other occasions I have had as many as 4 or 5 in quick succession.

They are not all of the same scale but go up and down.
The most common one seems to be 2 tones, a short Da followed by a higher and longer Daaa.
There doesn?t appear to be anything wrong as the system seems to be working OK
I have made sure everything is in tight and the only thing I have found out that could be causing the tones is the printer and scanner USB2 ports.

If I unplug these two it appears to correct the problem.
Mesh says that I should send it back for them to check but as there doesn?t seem to be any thing wrong I don?t want to risk it going back and forward when there is no need.
I have checked out the Award bios beep code sites and there is no info on the tones that I am getting (on one site there is somebody enquiring about two tones he is getting that sound? s like the two that I get but he has not received a reply).
Has anybody come across this and can let me know what the two beep codes signify
Many thank Ray

  Rayuk 18:38 14 Jul 03

click here

Have you checked your temps and fan settings?

  ray27 18:48 14 Jul 03

No I havn't.
Do you mean temperature, and how do you check the fan settings ?

  Rayuk 18:56 14 Jul 03

If you go into the bios should be on Hardware Monitor page

  ray27 19:03 15 Jul 03

Hi seekit
Sorry for the late reply but I have been busy decorating (yes that?s right, in this weather)
I don?t call it ?the thing? anymore but I have renamed it seven of nine.

Someone on the forum suggested that computers responded to kind words and positive thoughts, you know a Karma thing).
With reference to the beeps I have been getting, incidentally you described them very accurately, I think I may have cracked it.

If I unplug the printer and scanner from the USB ports it boots up with just the one tone.

I have tried this about six times and so far it seems to have cured the beep.

Only time will tell I will post an update when I am sure this is the cure.

Thanks again for all your help


  ray27 20:40 15 Jul 03

Just thought I would update you on the last post.
Unpluging the scanner and printer is not the solution .
Although it seemed to cure it the tone's are still there.

  ray27 19:05 25 Jul 03

As there does not appear to be anything wrong I am going to put up with the tones until something does go wrong and then take action.

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