Angry Kid 10:30 04 Aug 07

Good Morning,

Does anyone know anything about this? A friend is having this pop up on his pc saying that he has infected files.


Angry ;)

  johnnyrocker 10:40 04 Aug 07

what has he run in order to try remove?


  Angry Kid 10:44 04 Aug 07

Morning johnrocker,

Currently, he has run the following programs

AVG Anti Virus (Full Scan)
Spybot (latest version and definitions)
AVG Anti Spyware

I have mentioned to him to also run Super Antispyware.

Do you recommend anything else?

Angry ;)

  Angry Kid 10:45 04 Aug 07


Sorry...mistyped your name.

  VoG II 10:48 04 Aug 07
  Angry Kid 11:00 04 Aug 07

Is there a free program that will get rid of this?

I have done a search and it shows a program called STOPzilla Antispyware. However, I have never heard of it, and do not want to infect his computer even more.

Can anyone adise?

Many Thanks for your quick postings.

Angry ;)

  VoG II 11:25 04 Aug 07

StopZilla is not listed as a rogue program click here but I would try SuperAntiSpyware first.

  Angry Kid 11:27 04 Aug 07

Thanks VoG™.

Just in the process of downloading this for him.

I will report back.


Angry ;)

  rdave13 11:31 04 Aug 07

Remember to update then close all browsers. Run superantispyware full scan and it should ask to reboot.

  Angry Kid 09:43 05 Aug 07


My friend has run Super AntiSpyware and A2 and these have not detected it.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

I see that to remove problems with Stopzilla you have to pay $19.95. Is this worth the outlay generally or is there a different solution to this tricky problem?

Angry ;)

  rdave13 09:51 05 Aug 07

I haven't used this app but you could give it a try, click here

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