avk anti virus help

  patso 13:14 04 Oct 04

i have avk anti virus installed on my pc which came bundled with it.when i ran it last it found two viruses and a trojan.should it not have warned me before these viruses downloaded to my pc

  OwenLotts 13:18 04 Oct 04

1) What viruses where they?

2) Have you updated since you got the PC? Its possible that the viruses got onto your PC before the AV was updated to detect those specific viruses.

3) Can you provide more info about the AVK software?

  patso 13:44 04 Oct 04

yes i updated the soft ware over the net and down loaded 4 mb of up grades.from your reply they got on before i up dated.i have no names for the viruses as i deleted the lot.i know now to make a record to tell other users.i have np info on the soft ware as i am in work at the moment but can post it later .thanks owenlotts

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