avi files

  stephen1978 08:40 21 Sep 08

just a quick question lol

can i watch avi video files on a standard dvd play ???? if not which would be the best and fastest avi to dvd convert i could buy ???

  matthew-293741 08:45 21 Sep 08

i use convertxtodvd this allows u to watch your avi files on your stand alone dvd player...it takes about 30 mins to convert a 700mb file...depending on how up to date your pc is...

hope this helps

  eedcam 08:59 21 Sep 08

Try dvd flick its free and will convert and author to standard dvd
click here

  martd77 09:00 21 Sep 08

i second that its a very good program but also take a look at winavi which is faster than convertx and slightly less complex.
If you have the right dvd player just copy the avi to disc and try it,if it plays you have no need to go the conversion route.
On my pc winavi takes 11 mins to do a 700mb file

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