AVG7 Virus Vault 20%

  Djohn 00:56 24 Nov 04

Thanks to "trackrat" for bringing this to my attention. By default, the virus vault of AVG7 takes 20% of your hard drive to store the nasties in. That's a lot of hard drive space to reserve for a couple of viruses that your not supposed to get in the first instance.

To alter the setting, right click on AVG Icon in the notification area. [Sys tray] on taskbar then right click virus vault, left click and choose "Open". From the menu, hit the F8 key and you can alter the size of the virus vault. Move the slider over to the left to 1% or 2% then click "Apply" and exit. This is more than enough for the vault with the large hard drives in modern machines.

  Border View 01:10 24 Nov 04

My HDD is only 30GB - what percentage would you suggest I set aside? I've had the computer four years and have only used 10GB so far.

Your help and advice would be appreciated.

  pat2068 01:10 24 Nov 04

thanks djohn leo

  Djohn 01:20 24 Nov 04

2% will be more than adequate for your drive.

  Djohn 02:18 24 Nov 04

It has not actually taken and set to one side that amount of space or in any way pinched that much of your drive so that it can't be used for other data. But it still seems a vast amount to place in reserve, to use if it needs to.

  Mango Grummit 05:22 24 Nov 04

I wonder how many people knew that? Not me for sure. Thanks Djohn & trackrat, good stuff!

  john-232317 08:56 24 Nov 04

Cheers mate and trackrat, mine was on 10%

Maybe we need an AVG forum on here. ;-))

  Border View 17:57 24 Nov 04

Many thanks for that.

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