AVG + Zonealarm?

  Some bloke 11:55 28 Oct 03

I have just bought my PC and was wandering what sort of Internet security i should get, Norton sounds nice but is to expensive for a student like me so i thought i would get something free- so are AVg and zonealarm the best combo i should get. Are these the same standard as Norton or just the same?

  Lionheart ♥ 12:04 28 Oct 03

I use that combo, without any problems, go for it.

  Lionheart ♥ 12:10 28 Oct 03

While you are at it get these as well click here and click here both free.

  Some bloke 12:13 28 Oct 03

Thanks Lionheart i have those already but yeh thanks.

  Some bloke 13:29 28 Oct 03

Thanks i have jsut downloaded AVG and have the firewall on this months PCA cover disk.

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