AVG won't allow my computer to boot

  prb 12:37 05 Mar 04

I have installed AVG on my computer (some of you will note from my other postings that there have been a few problems!) When I install it the computer then refuses to load Windows. It gets past the 'splash' screen, and looks as though it is about to bring up all the icons on my desktop... then hangs. The only solution is to restart the machine, enter 'safe mode' and uninstall AVG. The computer will then load fine. Any suggetions what it can be? I doubt it's a corrupt installtion files as I've used the same file on my old machine before it started smoking!

As always, any help gratefully received.


  Stuartli 13:18 05 Mar 04
  prb 15:23 05 Mar 04

should probably add the the OS is Win98 SE


  prb 08:26 10 Mar 04

Problem solved by a full reinstall of Windows for another problem.

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