AVG will not now auto update

  Zebrapec 00:36 21 Apr 05

Hello, I have had the free AVG for a year or so, with win98 and dial up, and always received auto updated on my e-mail or web. Now I have gone to XP and AOL broadband it will not auto update.
Can anyone please help?

  rawprawn 09:18 21 Apr 05

Go to View / Components, and make sure that "Update Manager" is ticked

  Zebrapec 23:17 21 Apr 05

Yes, I've just checked that, and it is ticked.

  Zebrapec 23:17 21 Apr 05

Yes, I've just checked that, and it is ticked.

  Indigo 1 00:17 22 Apr 05

Check our settings in your firewall, make sure AVG is allowed.

  Zebrapec 00:57 23 Apr 05

Hi, I've checked my Zone Alarm fire wall and got all AVG ticked, however, i'm not sure about AOL, having just got it i had better see if there's something there,
I'll tell you something though, when i try to update, the update window appears, with the message- 'dial up' and 'the modem is not configured properly'. Now i have just changed from dial-up to broadband and have not got a clue how to configure the modem etc. I just put the AOL disc in and it did it all for me, i think.
Can you help please?

  Jak_1 08:40 23 Apr 05

click on tools > internet options > connections and check that you have the correct modem settings there.

I am no fan of AOL to say the least, I will not have any of their software within throwing distance of my pc's.

  Zebrapec 11:59 23 Apr 05

I really did not have much choice, as one of my family bought it for me with a years subscription, as a present. Being family i could not really refuse it. So i got it by default if you like, and now i'm stuck with it, like it or not. I must say that having come from internet explorer and outlook express on dial-up, it is a bit confusing, in your face, and not really controlable ( my first opinion).
I have never found the set up of any e-mail/web easy, mainly due to the obscure wording of the many tabs thrown up at you. Is there any book/magizine that explains every step of a set up in easy, everyday, basic language?

  Zebrapec 12:16 23 Apr 05

I'v just checked what you said Jak_1 and it put up about 50 combinations, with what I call ' un friendly' descriptions, like, proxy, proxysever, gateway, commpresion,ULR or was it URL. Now I know that everyone will say proxy means this and commpresion means that, BUT what I need to know is do I enable them or not? because they are meaningless to me. Sorry to go on, but they just a well might say apples and oranges.

  Zebrapec 16:36 30 Apr 05

Still not getting auto updates.
Does any one know if AOL and AVG are compatible?

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