AVG warning - heavy Explorer usage detected?

  clock 15 Dec 11

For a few weeks now sometimes when I am browsing web pages I get an AVG warning to the affect they have detected heavy Internet Explorer usage on the page I'm viewing (between 250 - 350 Mbs usually)and I should close down and then reconnect.

Question: Is this anything to worry about? I don't have wireless connection so assume no one can "piggyback" my connection?

I have checked disk and everything else and all seems fine, no programmes I shouldn't have, and AVG (paid for) Internet Security only finds cookies.


  rdave13 15 Dec 11

Couple of good links here .

  clock 17 Dec 11

Thanks rdave13! I'd done a search on the forum but nothing came up! Have looked at the links and as it appears I can disable it in AVG it can't be anything to worry about so I'll just ignore it for the time being!!

Will consider closed,


  johndrew 17 Dec 11

The 'excessive usage' warning is a 'feature' of the new AVG and many have commented upon it. In theory it is to help you use less RAM and surf faster.

Personally I feel an AV program should be just that rather than have these sorts of add-ons.

  Miké 17 Dec 11

I used to get this all the time with the latest AVG, my problem was that I have 17 tabs open at browser (Opera) startup. I have had no problems since disabling the warning.


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