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AVG Updating - Why so many posts

  DieSse 16:26 03 Jun 05

Am I missing something here? Why is there a continual stream of posts about AVG updates - doesn't it update automatically?

Or does the auto-updating not work correctly?

Or what?

A puzzled user of an AV that updates automatically without continual intervention.

  crx1600 16:29 03 Jun 05

AVG free updates once a day automatically (scheduled update)

  Ancient Learner 16:30 03 Jun 05

I agree. I was thinking of getting rid or NAV and using this, but as there is all this, to me, unnecessary posting there must be a reason. NAV does at least quietly get on and update itself.

  Joe R 16:32 03 Jun 05


The free edition only updates once daily, and I have mines set to update at 17.00, when I know the P.C. is likely to be turned on.

If the update is available before this, then the posting means I have it quicker.

  Totally-braindead 16:40 03 Jun 05

Hadn't really though about it DieSse abd I suppose you're right. I've got my AVG set to automatically update but do tend to check the updates manually when I first switch on. I suppose the postings are a bit of a waste of time really but hadn't really thought about it.

  DieSse 16:43 03 Jun 05

My NOD32 checks every hour - I often get several updates in a day - I think I prefer peace of mind for minimal cost rather than free!

  Alan2 18:13 03 Jun 05

Avast also updates automatically as aften as three times in a day - and perhaps more without me being aware.

This is why there are no reminder postings for it. It is excellent too.

  Snec 19:17 03 Jun 05

You are absolutely correct. It is unnecessary but the point of it, I think, is to provide pleasure to those who post and those who respond. And it's harmless when all said and done.

  sattman 19:52 03 Jun 05

I thought it was some form of coded message!!!!!.

  dagwoood 21:00 03 Jun 05

Any anti-virus s/w is only effective if it has the latest virus definitions installed. This is the basic maxim of AV practices.

As AVG only auto updates once a day, if you don't check manually for updates, you can miss the very latest definitions that are available.

If, like today, several virus definition versions have been released, a system that only updates once a day would be vulnerable to the latest virus threats that are "doing the rounds". If you miss an auto-update "window", then your system would be running with definitions that aren't effective against the latest virus's. That's not a good scenario.

That's why I, and I assume other members, start threads about AVG updates. To let other members know there's an update available, so we can keep our AV s/w as up to date as possible, and be more pro-active in defending our systems.


  john-232317 22:08 03 Jun 05

I agree dagwoood, quite often lately there have been 2 or 3 updates in a day.

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