AVG Updates-

  collinsc 16:26 28 Apr 08


Is there any way i can change my AVG (free version) so that all of the updates happen behind the scenes and i dont see it on start up?


  The Kestrel 17:09 28 Apr 08

Which version are you using. In the new version 8 you click on Update Manager and in there is the facility to set the time each day your PC checks for updates and downloads them automatically.

  collinsc 17:16 28 Apr 08

7.5. something...
can you please advise exactly where you do this... so i can see if mine has it, failing that- do i just dl version 8 and it overwrotes 7.5 something..?


  Sea Urchin 17:26 28 Apr 08

You can set it to update automatically - open AVG and click Control Center. Highlight Scheduler, and then click on Scheduled Tasks. Highlight "Update Plan in Basic Mode" and click Edit Schedule. Click "Periodically Check for Updates", and select your two hour time slot. Tick "If Internet Connection is not available, check when it goes online" and OK and Close etc.

  collinsc 17:42 28 Apr 08

Thanks- but some of the options you mention arent available in my version.
Can i just install the latest verson to ovewrite my current version and then do what the kestrel recommends?


  birdface 17:53 28 Apr 08

If on 7.5 you can run it not to show updates or to run a scan at start up.Unfortunately I have upgraded to AVg 8 and if I were you I would stay at 7.5 until Avg sorts things out.cant quite remember how you stop it from showing though.Something in the line of sea urchins fix but update but dont show.its in there somewhere.

  collinsc 17:57 28 Apr 08

Thanks guys- ive checked and now found where you mean. It is already set for an obscure hour...
so im guessing....
It is trying to update due those hours, but as im not online it is waiting for me to come online.
Therefore i cant do an update without being online?

does that sound right!? or not...


  Sea Urchin 18:12 28 Apr 08

Yes, you must be online to access the website for the update.

  collinsc 18:13 28 Apr 08

ok- cheers

  The Kestrel 21:12 28 Apr 08

If you want to upgrade to the latest free version 8, you can download it from click here

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