AVG Update Problem

  LeadingMNMs 15:01 30 Jan 04

I'm having problems updating the free version of AVG. I go to the update screen, click the button and the normal screen appears. It then takes ages to start to download if it starts at all, whereas it was almost finish straight after it started. Sometimes it says that it cannot find an Internet connection despite me also being able to browse at the same time. I have a network connection via a router if this helps. I believe AVG says that it should not be installed in anetwork environment but I hadn't had any problems before.

This problem exists on at least two of my computers connected to the network.

  Lionheart ? 15:08 30 Jan 04

Download from here put update in AVG UPDATE FOLDER click here

  dth 16:03 30 Jan 04

I think that the problem is with the AVG server rather than your p/c. Similiar problems myself over the last two days - but after trying a little bit later the updates worked fine.

  toxin 16:52 30 Jan 04

I've also had troubles today.
Took 3 goes to complete the download!

  alan227 16:55 30 Jan 04

I am on BB and sometimes I get the no internet connection, but you just keep on trying and eventually it will download the update.

  bruno 17:11 30 Jan 04

Agree with Alan.I am on broadband and it has just taken me about three goes to get the latest download in the last half hour.

  fred 17:18 30 Jan 04

There have been several updates in quick cuccession. They must be very busy.

  wildrover 18:30 30 Jan 04

I'm not sure that this is just coincidence but.... I used to start the control centre by double-clicking the desktop icon. Following a tip on a similar thread a few months ago, I now always update by right-clicking the systray icon, 'run avg control centre', 'update manager', 'update now'. I have never had a problem doing it this way but always used to get problems if I started the control centre by double clicking the desktop icon (rather than going through the systray).

Not sure if this is at all relevant (and I can't explain it) but there you go... it seems to work (or I have just been lucky).

  colberly 18:45 30 Jan 04

I have always updated from the systray icon, you don't need to R click just double click. Sometimes as with the last couple of days things have been very slow and difficult, it does get the update in the end. I think it is more likely to be a problem on their server than anything else.

  spuds 18:49 30 Jan 04

If there is a big demand for an update, you will find that you will have a connection problem.Best to leave for awhile, then try again later. Always works for me.

  Valvegrid 19:17 30 Jan 04

At 2.7k it's a bit of an anticlimax really.

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