AVG update available

  €dstow 18:31 14 Mar 03

Title tells all!!


  spikeychris 18:35 14 Mar 03

I officially crown you the update king. Its Friday, so, my mortgage says your backing up


  Cordy13 18:36 14 Mar 03
  spikeychris 18:38 14 Mar 03

Ah now then...theres been a rush on the palace. I blame the roundheads...

  €dstow 18:39 14 Mar 03

I thought I'd done your one from earlier and that this was a new one after that.

Apologies if I'm wrong.


  Djohn 18:40 14 Mar 03

Many thanks, €dstow and Cordy13. :o)

  €dstow 18:40 14 Mar 03

Backups all done. This update will have to go on the daily one.

Going away for the weekend.


  Cordy13 18:42 14 Mar 03

It is still 261 !

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