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AVG update available

  Al94 11:08 29 Mar 04

Update 414 now available 29.03.04

  Djohn 11:12 29 Mar 04

Ta! ;o)

  colberly 11:31 29 Mar 04


  weedode 11:35 29 Mar 04

Took a few attempts, even with the latest AVG tweek , but got it , ta much.

  bazza2 12:04 29 Mar 04

Having read weedode's comment, I have to agree that getting the update has proved to be problematic recently.
I use the free edition of AVG, using a dial-up connection.
For the past few updates I have had to re-try a number of times before getting the latest update.
It just sits there, saying that it is reading the avginfo.ctf, then, after waiting for what seems like an age, I get a window stating that it hasn't got a connection - although my connection is still there.
What's going on?
Have Grisoft changed something, that I'm not aware of?


  Wes Tam ;-) 12:09 29 Mar 04

bazza2 see click here

  justme 12:28 29 Mar 04

Like bazza2, I too have had trouble downloading the updates. I have made the recommended changes and initially setting the program to download from grisoft.com worked wonders.

Today, however, all that happened was I download 343 bytes and after about 1 minute or so I would be informed that the download was corrupt and would be deleted. After several attempts I went direct to grisoft.com and manually downloaded the update. This worked faultlessly.

Thanks to Al94 for alerting us to the update.

  Lionheart ? 14:48 29 Mar 04

Anyone still struggling to get the update, I could email it if you wish, just send a message via the yellow envelope next to my name.

  Smiler 16:58 29 Mar 04

Thanks Al94 Took a bit longer than usual but as has been said it's probably USofA waking up. Have a nice day!!

  Stuartli 17:51 29 Mar 04

If you use FreshDownload (I presume similar utilities will work equally well), create a FreshDownload folder on the Desktop and set it as the target for downloads.

AVG updates can then be downloaded, using FreshDownload, from the grisoft.com website download update page.

When the download is complete, open the main AVG Control Panel, click on the Service tab, then Update. A panel will appear - select Folder and then OK the FD folder.

The update will be installed in the normal way from this point without a reboot being necessary.

It may seem complicated without actually trying it, but it's a lot better than the normal fruitless attempts before finally succeeding.

A further benefit is that the updates can be kept in the folder for possible future use (if you have XP, right click and then choose the Summary tab; you will be able to note the date the file was downloaded for future reference).

  Stuartli 17:53 29 Mar 04

This is the AVG6 update page:

click here

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