AVG Update 441 Out Now 9/1/2003

  Mac & Beth 09:10 10 Jan 03
  Mac & Beth 09:10 10 Jan 03

Third one this week??

Update 441 available. Added detection of new variant of I-Worm/Naith - I-Worm/Naith.C.
- January 9, 2003 -

  Djohn 09:49 10 Jan 03


  TOPCAT® 09:53 10 Jan 03

My 'Programme version' of AVG is: 6.0.441 which gives me the current 'Virus database' of 247.

Are you running a different version of AVG? TC.

  Mac & Beth 10:00 10 Jan 03

No this has been discussed in another thread. look at the Grisoft website. The number 441 comes from their website not me.

I've e-mailed them to explain how the numbering works. No reply yet but i suspect its nothing to with the Program Version or the database number!!

  Mac & Beth 10:01 10 Jan 03

The original message is from their home page.

This comes from the download page

Version Number 441
Language English
Necessary Files d602mis7.bin
(3.155.465 Bytes)
Release Date January 9, 2003

click here

Again Version 441

I don't understand it either - i go by the date!!

  Mac & Beth 10:05 10 Jan 03

...for the previous update.

click here

This was Update 438 and the program was version 441 and the database was 246.

The Update number doesn't relate to the Program Version or the Database Number. Its just an Update Number!!!

  TOPCAT® 10:38 10 Jan 03

Sorry, but I never go to grisoft.com for my downloads - I use the .cz site.

To avoid some confusion to other users on this issue, may I respectfully suggest we all use the 'Virus database' figure and 'Release date' in future postings?

I am aware that Grisoft even get this wrong occasionally, but it's soon rectified. :-)

Thanks, TC.

  Djohn 10:44 10 Jan 03

TOPCAT®, good idea as this last release has been posted by 3 different people and this has caused the confusion, especially as there have been 3 actual updates this week!

  Stuartli 10:57 10 Jan 03

As I've already stated in one of the other threads about AVG it surprises me that its updates always bring a bout of threads pointing them out.

I use Norton AV and Symantec updates several times a week, often daily. That seems to me far more effective than the occasional AVG update which, presumably, means that its users run a potential risk of suffering the latest viruses.

  Stuartli 10:59 10 Jan 03


Just downloading the latest Norton AV update - there was one yesterday as well.

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