AVG Update - 2nd one today?

  Nosmas 20:24 02 Mar 04

Just downloaded AVG (free) Prog 6.0.607 DB 387.
Quite a big one - 2036KB. Also took quite a tine to get connection to download.

  Pesala 20:37 02 Mar 04

Are you sure about the DB number? My most recent database is 381 released on 28/2/2004. I update daily.

  Nosmas 20:41 02 Mar 04

Yes - definitely DB 387 updated today 02/03/04. I had to try a couple of times before I could get a connection so persevere.

  Dagwoood 20:48 02 Mar 04

Nosmas, there have been quite a few postings today on other treads about problems getting a connection today and the size of the download.

Pesala, your virus definitions are out of date as there have been several updates since the 28th. The update Nosmas refered to is the most current update, we're up to program version 6.0.607.

  Jester2K 20:52 02 Mar 04

Persala - there were 3 yesterday and 2 today....

Check your clock is correct.

The servers have been busy and it was difficult to get the last one down...

  fred 21:01 02 Mar 04

387 here as well Connection is iffy but in the end it will work if you are persistent.

  Pesala 23:28 02 Mar 04

Obviously going to by busier than usual as it's so much bigger than average.

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