avg update

  pat2068 13:58 31 Mar 04

i am trying to update avg but it keeps telling me the file is currupt and my anti virus want be updated is anyone else having this problem thanks leo

  Dipso 14:00 31 Mar 04

Not exactly the same reason as you, but I am having problems too.

I have tried the 3 download sites too and get similar from them all?

I have not updated at this time of day before(off work) so I don't know if this is usual.

  pat2068 14:03 31 Mar 04

not usual i always update around this time leo

  SANTOS7 14:04 31 Mar 04

You not the only one i have all three URLS and at the moment i can't get anything from any of them keeps telling me can't make connection

  Dipso 14:06 31 Mar 04

Just told me my download file is damaged and will be deleted!?

  Smiler 14:17 31 Mar 04

Just had the same message??????????

  colberly 14:21 31 Mar 04

Have given up trying for now, hopefully things will be corrected later.

  Dipso 14:26 31 Mar 04

Just read another link re the manual update method, so I tried that. I click to download the latest update and eventually get Cannot find server.

Yeah, I think I will leave it for now too!

  961 14:42 31 Mar 04

I've moved to Avast.

Think AVG are trying to discourage freebie users

  Stuartli 14:46 31 Mar 04

Oh dear, not another conspiracy theory believer...:-)

  weedode 15:30 31 Mar 04

Having the same problem. Have even went directly to grisoft.com and clicked on update 648 file and it states " url does not exist " ??

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