AVG tweak

  john-232317 19:50 25 Mar 04

Dont know if this has been posted before, i cant find it in search, but it may be handy for AVG users.

click here;action=display;num=1079548106

  john-232317 19:57 25 Mar 04

Sorry but all of link is not included in the blue " click here " ? you will need to click on " AVG server tweak thread," when you get to first link.

  Mikè 20:16 25 Mar 04
  john-232317 20:20 25 Mar 04

Cheers mike, thought it might have been posted

  Mikè 20:23 25 Mar 04

No problem I wasn't the first to post it here myself.

  TommyRed 20:28 25 Mar 04

I've pointed a few people at it, it works for me 1st time, everytime. TR

  ricvic 20:35 25 Mar 04


  basell 20:56 25 Mar 04

Followed the instructions and it worked 1st time. Thanks for the information.

  plsndrs3 21:14 25 Mar 04

Great link - sorted out my update problem [thought i was just me!]



  obbit 21:20 25 Mar 04

thanks it works for me too.

  fsbb 21:54 25 Mar 04

Great, saves manually downloading update file

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