AVG shows date in US format

  palinka 11:10 12 Jul 07

Very minor but irritating problem: just installed AVG on a friend's PC that is set to show dates in British English format(ie 12th July 2007 appears as 12/07/2007) but AVG shows the update date as 07/12/2007.
It doesn't do this on either of my PCs.
I can't work out how to change it. OS is XP

  Totally-braindead 11:42 12 Jul 07

Have you checked that his PC is set to English UK in the regional settings under control panel?

  Eric10 11:59 12 Jul 07

I used to have this same problem with the Corporate Edition of Norton AV and it was caused by an incorrect setting under the 'Details' button on the 'Language' tab in 'Regional and Language Options' as indicated by Totally-braindead.

  palinka 15:26 12 Jul 07

thank you both. I'm fairly certain that his PC is set as Totally-braindead indicates, but I'll get him to check again.

  Totally-braindead 15:29 12 Jul 07

Did have a quick look at my AVG and there does appear to be a language setting but only in the bought version, only other thing I can think of if its the free one is he has downloaded the US version in error.(presumming there is one)

  palinka 18:37 12 Jul 07

I downloaded it for him and yes, it is the free one & it's possible I downloaded from a US site (their website has changed so much recntly that it was dificult to recognise what i was looking for)but I've not encountered this problem before though I've often downloaded for friends who are still on dial-ups.
Most likely is that his PC is set to US English & I'll get him to check it.....but failing that........!!!???

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