avg scan warnings

  kimisam 13:06 08 Jun 08

Hello everyone,

I recently downloaded avg 8 free version and did a full scan on my window xp pc and it found over 500 file as potential dangerious files, most of them are adware and lots of the files start with as:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ Internet Explorer\ActiveX compatibility\{.... with a lots of numbers atferward.

one file that I concern most is with the infection warning as: Found Trojan.VB.aft

I have moved all of them to virus vault, is it safe to remove them or should I leave them as it is?

many thanks

  birdface 13:13 08 Jun 08

If Active X ignore it.Conflict with SpywareBlaster and Spybot.if you deleted them go into Spywareblaster and enable all again.

  birdface 13:29 08 Jun 08

I should have added that anything that is not Active x related I have removed.I have 190 every time I scan.I suppose the will fix it eventually.

  crosstrainer 13:31 08 Jun 08

It does that, drove me nuts with it's constant warnings...I binned it in the end. Now use Avira and Spyware Doctor (and adaware)

  cocteau48 14:38 08 Jun 08

The logic behind this leaves me confused.
These Active X registry scripts are being written by other antispyware programs (Spybot and SpywareBlaster).
The theory apparently is that they are false positives - they are identical to the script which would be written by a genuine piece of malware - and that they therefore stop that malware from infecting your machine.
AVG 8.0,in doing its job properly,cannot (quite correctly)distinguish between these false positives and the real thing so flags them all as warnings.
Thus much I can understand and accept.

It would,however,seem that they are not being picked up by any of the other well respected and much used AV programs - and that I find a bit odd. Can the other programs distinguish between the real and the fake scripts - or are they not looking for them at all?

  Salut 14:43 08 Jun 08

Been there, done that. Check the link for this discussionclick here
When I updated I had the same 'feedback' from the system. It is Ok, the various bits of software are only doing their job, properly and efficiently by the look of things.

  kimisam 01:50 17 Jun 08

Hi all,

many thanks for all your helps.


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