avg problem.

  tornado3 10:07 04 Jan 05

got up this morning and the box in the notification task bar for my avg has gone black & gray. says i have updates but wont let me download. was ok last night.am i missing something simple?

  numskull 10:27 04 Jan 05

I've got the same problem!!

got the same problem here AVGs server must be down

  tornado3 10:29 04 Jan 05

oh its not just me then?

  Diemmess 10:36 04 Jan 05

Had the popup, but it didn't run. Opened from desktop, tried update - it didn't, then as I cancelled, it updated!

A strange world!

  tornado3 10:39 04 Jan 05

mine just wont do it. says i have updates bit not till the 5th?

  Stuartli 10:45 04 Jan 05

Try opening AVG from your Programs or Desktop shortcut.

  Stuartli 10:46 04 Jan 05

It took me several attempts to get the update today - it's 99.5kb in size.

  tornado3 10:48 04 Jan 05

wot colour is your box on bottom right?

  tornado3 10:54 04 Jan 05

got the downloads in the end then the box came back to colour. how odd.

  GBL 11:05 04 Jan 05

Are you still on AVG version 6, in which case I think you will find that they have stopped updating this version, you will need to download version 7.

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