AVG Pro plus Firewall ????

  Noels 17:38 23 Sep 03

For several years I had NAV and Norton Personal Firewall. For various reasons I changed to AVG Pro with which I am very satisfied but as added security do I also need a Firewall and if so does anyone know which is the best and also compatible with AVG. Sygate, BlackIce etc.

Any advice appreciated. Regards Noels

  Jester2K II 17:51 23 Sep 03

If you are on broadband then yes get a firewall. I use Sygate Personal (Free) Edition click here with AVG 6 Free Edition.

  Belatucadrus 17:55 23 Sep 03

I like Kerio personnal firewall click here compact freeware download, not stuffed with useless features. yet highly configurable for a more advanced user.

  Noels 17:56 23 Sep 03

Thanks for that I've read your comments about Sygate on this site in previous threads. I was just worried about them being compatible as I tried to use AdWare Pro and AVG Pro and there seemed to be some sort of clash which resolved itself when I got rid of AdWare.
Any other comments would be welcome. Noels

  Noels 17:59 23 Sep 03

Same question as to compatibility. Do you use Kerio and AVG
Regards Noels

  -pops- 18:06 23 Sep 03

I use AVG 7 and Outpost quite successfully - have used outpost and other versions of AVG for a year with no problems.

click here note there is a free version.

  The Idle one 18:11 23 Sep 03

I use Zone Alarm pro - i use on a network - free edition does not work on networks.
run avg free on same machine

  Noels 18:20 23 Sep 03

Lots of people on this Forum recommend ZA but also have problems if they uninstall and then want to reinstall which is why I got rid of Norton.

I will give one of those recommended earlier in this thread a try.

Thanks for all your help and advice


  Belatucadrus 19:01 23 Sep 03

Sorry about the delay, yes I've used AVG 6.0 and Kerio together without any problems. I'm currently using avast! and Kerio and that is problem free aswell.

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