AVG picks up 4 trojan horse back door viruses

  great dog 06:38 26 Nov 07

When scanning with avg it picked up 4 trojan horse back door generic 9.cut viruses.it healed two of them and left the other two.what are these viruses ?can they be got rid of ,how dangerous are they ?

  The Kestrel 08:18 26 Nov 07

Did AVG transfer the two remaining trojans to the virus vault? If so they can be safely left there as they will no longer affect your PC.

  birdface 09:05 26 Nov 07

If transferred to your virus vault,The best thing to do is reboot your computer and scan again to see if it finds anything else.

  great dog 09:12 26 Nov 07

The remaining two viruses were not put in the vault,each time i scan it picks the two up,but does not put them in the vault.

  The Kestrel 09:38 26 Nov 07

I suggest you go to click here where there are people with the skill and expertise to help you remove your trojans.

  birdface 09:53 26 Nov 07

Can you not quarantine them then.It should give you the option.

  sinbads 11:00 26 Nov 07

It could be that the virus is residing in system restore if so your antivirus will not be able to remove it and will remain on your comp until you tempararily disable system restore reboot and then enable. The downside is you will loose all of your restore points the upside is you will also remove any virus living there.

  mfletch 12:06 26 Nov 07

Hi before you disable your system restore,

I am sure there is a setting not to scan the system restore volume,

Tell AVG not to scan this then do another scan if it still picks up the virus/trojan then it is not in your system restore,

Download and run SAS Superantyspyware after checking for any updates,

FREE/ click here


  Lissielou 12:12 26 Nov 07

If you go onto click here website they are amazing. I had a week of trying every antivirus under the sun to get rid of virus (Norton did not save me and I now have Bitdefender) and this website finally helped me to get rid of everything, it was a nightmare!

  pj123 15:52 26 Nov 07

What is this "when scanning with AVG"?

My AVG free edition is always running in the background. I never run a scan manually.

  p;3 16:49 26 Nov 07

not to hijack this thread BUT, have you never run a manual scan with avg?

and great dog; one assumes you have sought help on the other site to get this mess cleaned?

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