AVG and Outlook Express email

  Jonathan314159 12:49 27 Nov 05

I keep getting a message saying that the Email is not fully functional - with the details saying that it's not properly configured.

I'm not sure what I need to do to configure it. If I double click on the email scanner options it seems to cure itself and say it's working. But later, or the next time I start up, its gone back to saying its not fully functional.

I'm using the free edition of AVG with XP

The only advice I can see on the Grisoft site is:

"If you are using Outlook Express program, or other mail program than MS Outlook, The BAT!, or Eudora program, it is necessary to configure the Personal E-mail scanner (AVG EMS) to scan mail in your e-mail program."

But I can't see any advice as to what you should do to configure, or for that matter what the various options are.

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