avg not in programs menu

  p;3 17:07 07 Feb 07

(win 98se)following another thread I thought I would search on mine; not too concerned but I have my avg icon in system tray from which I launch the program and have it by navigating to it in program files in grisoft;but , curiosity got the better of me and I find I do not see the AVG on my programs menu; I am not too worried but should it be in the program menu? I cannot recall whether the change from the old to the new version asked me if I wanted a Link on that menu

  Totally-braindead 17:13 07 Feb 07

Its on mine but I'm on XP. I did notice the new Zone Alarm isn't listed in the taskbar but windows security says its running.

  p;3 17:17 07 Feb 07

I should not have nosed at my programs but got the bug from following the 'other thread'!! am not too worried but now curious to know if it SHOULD be there!!

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