AVG for my old pc

  Liza 19 Oct 12

I used AVG before when it was free. I want to now use it getting it online. Do you think it is safe to get it online. Please advise, thanks liza

  northumbria61 19 Oct 12

I have had AVG for several years now and now using Full Internet Security Suite 2012. The majority of software is now downloadable and safe.

  northumbria61 19 Oct 12
  Miké 20 Oct 12

There is still a free Version Free AVG This link downloads the installer program which then downloads drectly from AVG, should be safe to use!

  Nontek 20 Oct 12


You don't appear to have looked at Northumbria61's link re Duplicate Post!

  Liza 22 Oct 12

Many thanks all. I will download and buy if necessary. Liza

  onthelimit1 22 Oct 12

Why buy? I'd stick to Avast or MSE.

  Liza 23 Oct 12

Thanks onthelimit1 for suggesting Avast. I visited their website and after a few setbacks I managed to get in. They have taken me on and so have a year's free licence. Liza

  onthelimit1 23 Oct 12

Liza - it will still be free after a year - you just have to re-register.


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