AVG mail scanner querry

  johnnyrocker 16:37 23 Nov 06

my AVG 7.5 free keeps scanning an unknown addy which is not via my isp pop it says auto pop 3 158 red then lists what it says is a fixed ip and ends with rima-tde.net.
should i be concerned?


ps other issue ongoing

  johnnyrocker 22:49 23 Nov 06

no takers? or am i asking a silly question?


  skidzy 23:05 23 Nov 06

Hi Jonny

After a quick google,it looks like spammers at work and trying to use your email addy to relay there messages.

  johnnyrocker 23:14 23 Nov 06

thanks for that, i am not getting any messages about returned mail etc which would be usual, if AVG as it does keeps scanning it for mail where do you think my prob might lie? i have adaware up to date spybot up to dat spyware blaster up to date defender up to date along with super antispyware and windows advanced care if i have a prob how might it have got through that lot?


  skidzy 23:17 23 Nov 06

Probably something simple like your Email addy has been sold on by some agency/spammer and just trying to use your email to send mutiple emails to your address book.Though it looks like you protection is doing its job.

Upshot is if this persist,is to try and block them or change your email addy.

  johnnyrocker 23:24 23 Nov 06

my thaks for the interest AVG does actually give me the ip address ( which is static ) i did not want to post it as i might be getting another party in trouble, if i would not be then i am quite happy to publish the static ip address which may help further


  skidzy 23:29 23 Nov 06

Few links Jonny click here=

  skidzy 23:30 23 Nov 06

And more click here=

  johnnyrocker 23:33 23 Nov 06

my thanks for the links but what i really want to know is do i have a prob and if so how to resolve or might it be an AVG glitch? and on that point i am going to depart but much appreciation for the help offers, goodnight.


  johnnyrocker 10:03 24 Nov 06

i shall give the day shift a try before closing this.


  johnnyrocker 11:40 24 Nov 06

today it seems to be behaving itself maybe last nights update resolved?


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